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Mr. Allison built his first boat in 1955. During the last forty years Allison has evolved into a limited production company. The primary emphasis has always been in research and development. Along the way, the company won patent rights. Allison Boats set many records. Allison racers won national and world racing championships. While these achievements would fill a small book, they were never an end result. Rather, the accomplishments were a by-product of endless research, development, and testing. They see the true end result in each new boat that leaves the Allison plant. Wood has no place in modern boats! Lumber expands and contracts. Plywood soaks up water and rots. Wood warps. Wood is heavy. Water has an insidious way of penetrating wood. Even fiberglass covered wood is susceptible. Allison accepted the challenge of building “wood-free” boats in the early 80’s. They have now refined this process to state of the art. Composite laminates of PVC structural foam, fiberglass, Kevlar, AME 4000 & 5000 resin, steel and aluminum create totally “rot-free” boats. Allison boasts of the only lifetime no-rot warranty in the industry. They replace wood transoms with high density structural PVC foam, fiberglass, Kevlar, and steel reinforcement. You read properly. They build each Allison with the industries’ only steel reinforced transom. At this writing (winter of ‘96) the success of the composite laminate unibody design is historical fact. Since introducing the Kevlar and steel reinforced transom in the early 80’s, not a single failure has occurred. The transom is the highest stressed area of the boat. They have even eliminated minor stress cracking.

Superior craftsmanship is the final part of the “design, material, craftsmanship” equation. It is not fair to speak of craftsmanship without mention of the craftsmen themselves. At Allison they average 16 years experience. Each is a skilled, highly trained professional at his craft. Each takes a great pride in being part of the Allison team. Most boat builders who claim their boats are “hand laid”, actually use a chopper gun for all but a thin skin coat of fiberglass. Allison does not own a chopper gun. At Allison each layer of composite material is hand laid and the excess resin removed. This process is labor intensive. Allison spends three to four times the man hours on each boat compared to the average production company. The finished product is worth the extra effort. The Allison lay-up schedule creates a boat with more cloth and less resin than mass produced competitors. This combination creates the lightest, strongest, most efficient craft on the water. Allison has totally integrated the elements of design, materials, and craftsmanship as it has never been done before. Now you know why their customers say “this boat is in a class by itself”.

Not only will you travel in comfort, the efficiency of an Allison boat will get you there for less. Efficiency is the target of all the Allison efforts in the areas of design, materials, and craftsmanship. In May of ‘94 Bass and Walleye Boats magazine tested the Pro-Sport. At 39 MPH and equipped ready to fish, the Pro-Sport got 6.22 MPG. At 62 MPH, 4.96 MPG. At 78 MPH, 4.88 MPG. At 93.7 MPH, 4.23 MPG. This was done with a Mercury Pro-Max 225 and Mercury 4 blade clever prop at a test weight of 2030 pounds. The best speed recorded during the test was 96 MPH with 4.47 MPG using a Mazco 30” RE3 prop. The low and mid range fuel consumption was not quite as good as with the 4 blade clever, however. The testers recorded all data from a Stalker radar gun and Flowscan fuel consumption meter. By simply comparing this fuel consumption to your own, the efficiency of the Allison will speak for itself.

The following chart depicts the speed range that various size motors provide on the Pro-Sport. The indicated speed variations take into account differences in prop selection and set-up. Load conditions, weather and water conditions also effect top speed performance.

**Gear cases with nose cones and low water pick-ups are required to reach upper end of scale.

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